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About Me

My blog intends to provide reviews about the lifestyle products that we use in our day-to-day life. This blog is for all those readers who genuinely enjoy the good things in life and wants a friend along the way, who wants to share her life experiences of all the things that are part of her life.


Zivoot contains different content related to makeup/skincare products that I used, the food that I cook and the restaurants that I visited.


All the reviews that are on my blog are 100% my genuine thoughts about that specific product because, whenever, I intend to buy something, I usually check out the reviews of that product online and I want to be part of that community as well.


If you like my blog or if you have any opinion related to anything that I post, send me a message or email or simply you can give me a shoutout at any of my social media handles.  

Have a great visit.

Kanwal Khurshid.

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