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Aladdin Movie Review

Aladdin is a fantasy romantic movie which was released by Disney in 1992 in an animated format. I can remember this classic movie as one of the best childhood memories. We used to watch this and many other Disney films whenever we get the chance.

2019 is definitely the year of Disney as many classic movies were releasing in 2019. As I heard the news of Aladdin movie coming out as a live action. I was all into that and couldn’t wait to watch it in the cinema. The movie was released on 8 May 2019 but as the Ramadan was there so we made a plan to watch it after Eid.

The movie is based on a classic Arabian middle Eastern tale of “One Thousand and One Nights.” These folk tales have 1001 different folk tales in which one is of Aladdin. This story is so captivating that you want to know more and more about the Arabian culture and folk tales of those times when we heard the story or see the movie.


The story happens in the city of Agrabah, where the Sultan is ruling the city who has a beautiful and gorgeous daughter “ Princess Jasmine”. She has a leadership instinct and she aims high for her people when she becomes the Sultan. The hero of the movie “Aladin” is the street thief who falls in love with Princess Jasmine. In order to marry the Princess, he has to become a Prince, which is granted by a blue Genie who becomes Aladin’s friend. But there comes many twists and turns in the story which can be seen in the movie.

The main plot of the folk tale and 1992 animated movie was changed a lot but the main plot of the story was not intermingled. A new female character “Dalia”, a friend of Princess Jasmine is introduced. Another change was, the feminist character of Princess Jasmine as she is eager to become the Sultan but in 1992 movie, Princess Jasmine is more about the love. She wants to marry someone whom she loved but in 2019 concepts became more feminist.


The character of the Genie, played by Will Smith is the best part of the movie. He is funny and engaging. The acting of Mena Masood “Aladdin” and Naomi Scott as “Princess Jasmine” also justified the character. The overall humor is on point and there is not a second that I got bored.

The songs are amazing. My favorite was “A Whole New World” sung by Zain Malik and Zavia- just amazing.


Overall, the cinematography is great, but one thing I noticed all throughout the movie was the Bollywood influence. Which can be seen clearly in the songs, costumes, appearances, which put movies’ bar down for me. I did not experience the whole Arabic essence in 2019 live action, which I was looking forward to.

Final Thoughts:


Overall this is one of the most captivating movie which I have seen and I totally recommend it. After all, it is Disneys’ Classic. It’s a must watch.

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