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Elemento Cafe Review:

Elemento Cafe is situated in the center of the city and one of the main road that is Tariq Road. We plan to have lunch and plan to try out some new restaurants so I found out this hidden Cafe near to Tariq Road.


If we talk about the decor of the restaurant. It is a very nicely decorated space. It is a very small place that is used in such a nice way to have a vintage vibe. The cafe has two types of sitting areas i.e. indoor and outdoor. Decor wise it is a very comfortable place. 

Food : 

We tried out many dishes from the cafe. Firstly, we tried a starter that was Philly Cheese Steak Fries and it was average to good quality so we enjoyed it because we were hungry at that time. 

Ordered our lunch and they gave us complimentary fries with our lunch. This was not a good experience at all.


The worst part of the lunch was the burgers because the bun of the burger was not freshly baked but it was purchased company bread (most probably local Bun) which is available everywhere. If you can’t bake the buns (or at least use fresh buns) for the burger then you should simply not put the burgers in your menu list.

The food overall was very below average quality I just do not recommend the food because it was not less costly but the quality was not up to the mark.


When we went there at lunchtime it was all empty and there is a good reason that the restaurant was empty because a restaurant or Cafe supposed to give you good quality food at a reasonable price. Elemento Cafe failed to give good quality food at a good price. So I will never recommend you to go for lunch or dinner with your friends and family if you want to have good quality food that is yummy in taste as well.


If you are interested to go sit and have a cup of coffee in a nice cozy place then it’s a good option for you because it’s very near to the main area but honestly, Elemento Cafe needs to put up their food game.


The advice for Elemento Cafe is to immediately terminate your chef and give the job to someone who knows how to cook. It is with this good decor you can have a very good business but if you fail to provide good quality food then you are destined to be doomed.

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