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How to plan a wedding in just 3 months

The wedding is one of the most important days of anyone’s life hence because of its significance this event is celebrated with full of its capacity in every culture and tradition all over the world.  the marriage is usually pre-planned and decided to happen with both the families involved in a decision. usually took year 6 months to plan a wedding.

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  1. Plan, Plan, Plan:

If you have 3 months or less for a wedding event to happen, then you need to plan out every little bit. First of all, buy a nice good diary so you get it to write down everything which pops up into your mind. Start doing the categorization of the different aspects of the wedding event which demand to be catered in a proper way.

  1. Prioritize for wedding:


The most important thing that needs to be understood in this situation is to prioritize other work.  First of all, you need to list out all those things that need to be ordered it takes time just like:


1.The bridal dress.

2.The groom dress,

  1. Booking of the wedding venue,
  2. Planning a honeymoon trip.
  3. The furniture,  
  4. The renovation work of the room or home (if required).
  5. Other formal dresses that needed to be ordered.
  6. Caterers and decorators appointments.


All these important things have been done then you will be able to move to the other less time taking things that include


  1. Booking of the salon for wedding makeup and services.
  2. shopping of casual clothing, makeup, purse, shoes.
  3. shopping for gifts of guests.
  4. jewelry shopping.
  1.  Seek help:

      You need to understand that in such a short notice of time you cannot do everything. So you need to trust other people and seek help from your trusted friends and family.  You need to categorize what can be done with the help of other people. The reason is the family would be emotionally and physically exhausted so for good advice or for general help you need good people around you for your such a big event.  

In the same way, if you find someone near you have planned a wedding so you should understand the need of help they require and be available for those people because they need general help so it would be like give and take. That sort of environment could be a very positive thing in our society.  

  1. Be realistic :


As you know that your wedding is going to happen very soon. There will be little or no time for the bride or the groom to do experiments and not compromise.  Try to seek those things that you can trust on. Like the bridal dress and the makeup artist, you have seen before. In that way, you will be able to not be in a situation that could become the cause of the panic on the wedding day.  As your wedding is on very short notice, so you will not be able to spend less money. Open your heart and spend more. If you can’t compromise on the quality of the work because you do not have a lot of time for the survey.


Also try to accept that things do not work out as you planned so there is no need to panic. Try to find out the best possible solutions that could be done. Try to be thankful for whatever you get because all these material things do not matter the most. The new relationship you are going to make is the most important thing. Don’t let your focus out of the real essence of the matrimonial institution that is the real source of happiness in your life.

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