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Potential of Maritime Tourism Development in Pakistan


National Institute of Maritime Affairs  (NIMA) held a one-day seminar on the Potentials of Maritime Tourism Development in Pakistan.

The attendees from aspects of professional backgrounds attended that session. Meanwhile, Pakistan Tourism Summit was also held on 2-3 April 2019. PM Imran Khan talked about the development of tourism in Pakistan. Focused on providing the facilities to the private sector which is already working on the field.

NIMA gathered all the respective community to sit together and focus on the possibilities, potential, and hurdles related to the maritime tourism in Pakistan. Maritime Tourism is basically all such fun activities that are related to the sea. Like, boating, yachting, jet skiing, scuba diving, and sailing competitions.



As the policies of the government in the past does not focus on the tourism sector that much and many more reasons could be but the maritime tourism is an unheard and unexplored sector which needs to be regularized and to be promoted in such a way that maritime tourism should not affect the coastline, sea, and ocean during all that process.

One thing that was also discussed, during the seminar is the promotion of the indigenous culture and heritage of Pakistan. Ecotourism, should be the main focus of all community that is linked to the maritime tourism sector.  Local dhows and coastline village culture should be presented in such a way that travelers would love to visit again.

Pakistan not only has a potential of tourism on the northern side of Pakistan but it as a rich potential on the southern side Pakistan as well which is yet to be explored.     

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