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Travel to Haleji Lake, Thatta, Sindh

Haleji Lake is an artificial freshwater lake. This lake was made into the reservoir in the 1930s by the British government officials. During the Britsih Raj, in the Indian Sub-continent. 

As World War II was going on and the British troops were designated at Karachi so the shortage of water happened in the city and to meet the requirements of water, this lake was used.

Haleji Lake is situated 82 kilometers from Karachi and 24 Kilometers from Thatta. We planned to visit Haleji Lake from Karachi. It took almost 2 hours from Karachi to reach that destination.

The road trip to Haleji Lake can be quite the trip the whole lake is a really calm and peaceful place to visit.

The best time to visit Haleji Lake is early in the morning when the sun rises and the view of the Lake is very mesmerizing at that time of the day.

I would recommend bringing your own food to the lake and enjoy eating the food while sitting near the lake. The Lake Haleji required major renovation.


This place can become one of the best tourist destinations. For this, lake shoulbe be renovated and any lake-side restaurant should be built over there.   

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