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World Ocean Day 2019 Seminar

World Ocean Day 2019- Seminar by NCMPR (National Centre for Maritime Policy Research)

The planet earth is mostly covered with water. The world’s oceans contain more historic artifacts underwater then the total amount of artifacts present in all the museums of the world. There are thousands of thousands of different species that live underwater.

From the ancient time period, human beings use to worship the seas and oceans because of their gigantic powers. People use to fish and trade all over the world in all of the times. The potential of oceans of the world was never underestimated.

In modern times, The United Nations officially recognized the importance of Oceans through the “World Ocean Day” in 1992. To spread more awareness about the oceans of the world and its potential.

Pakistan is connected with the northern side of the Indian Ocean but more specifically it is connected with the Arabian Sea at large.

This regions’ maritime history dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization where the people of Moen-jo-Daro used to sailboats for fishing and use to trade with the civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia.

In modern times, Pakistan’s coastline is one of the most important parts of today’s politics because of the emergence of China’s Maritime Silk Route which aims to connect China through Gawadar’s port and then the land route towards the sea.

In Pakistan:

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the contribution of female in the field of maritime or oceans-related profession is extremely low. Only we can see the contribution of the female in the making of the fishing net. Yet not on a very big scale.

Just a fraction of female researchers can be found in Pakistan related to this field. Women mobilizers can be used as a very good instrument. For sharing awareness about the eco-friendly oceans and the importance of clean and healthy seas and oceans.

World Ocean Day 2019

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